About us

We are all part of the Earth. The Earth heals us. We are nature. We are universe. The Universe is our essence. We are totally embraced by the cosmos. We can’t be separated. We’re all breathing the same air, drinking the same water that travels from body to body, from stream to stream, from cloud to cloud, from fruit to fruit. We’re all sharing the same Mother Nature nutrients in a neverending recicling cycle. We are all the same, although sometimes we seem so different.

We are all members of the same species. We are all united, heart to heart, hand in hand. Our brainwashed minds might often trick us, but our love is what unites us. Listen to your heart and use your mind for pauses.

Every child is a new member of the tribe and every mother deserves unconditional support for unconditionally raising humans. Every sister, every brother is an influencer towards World Peace and embracing peace is what heals us.

If you feel overwhelmed with your own level of awareness, I can help you find peace of mind and balance through my blogs and videos. If you require more personal attention then contact me to book an online coaching session (1h session + 1month follow up = 79€ or 20€ if you join my team) or join one of our healing retreats in Catalunya (5 day healing course by the shaman + my interpretation into English/Italian/French + Meals + Bed = 800€).

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