I just started working as an insurance agent. I’m enjoying this process. As a healer, I’ve been seeing myself and too many of my peers having trouble to find peace with our financial flows because we keep forgetting that our economy is just another of our spinning chakras. We need to keep them clear.

Money is a tool. It represents the energy behind most of our material exchanges. However, since money is—for most—the only energy we can use to satify our basic necessities (water, food, shelter, electricity, hygiene and education), it has turned into a vital necessity itself and our peaceful breath often depends on our harmony with it.

Nevertheless, since this energy, that was supposed to reach every household, is accumulating in the hands of very few humans, it is losing its sense in the long term and some societies are now experiencing a hybrid era. Many of us are already contributing to the planet for free and some are even volunteering to repair what some paid jobs disarrange. It’s a natural evolution towards new systems.

Our true job is not always moved by money, although many humans are already being paid for it and, step by step, many companies are updating towards more sustainable employee contracts. In my case, my new job is completing my personal education into becoming a holistic healing guide for humans who live and work in the western civilization and wish to find harmony as integrated healthy humans on the planet.

Our health is a microcosmos: body, mind, spirit, emotions and finances. I’m just reminding you. You already know this. But do you know how to listen to your own needs and wishes in order to manifest your dreams?

I’m curious to find out what is your relation with the money flow. Are you feeling threatened and weakened by this spirit? Or are you feeling the smooth caress of its infinite waves on your warm skin while laying on the summer sands of your living paradise?

Leave a comment below with your own experience and remember you have the power to decide how to respond and live your life.

Thanks so much for being here right now and don’t hesitate to contact me to learn more details about this subject.

I love you all!