Artistic sculptures of the Universe

Our human ego is often overwhelmed by the infinite flow of the Universe. It tries to keep us balanced by convincing our minds to settle into patterns that make sense in order to bring us stability and comfort. Believing in something stable helps us feel at peace, although belief patterns are just temporary oases if we aim to understand every human in the world.

I like to imagine our cosmos as an infinite ocean where we all are swimming in since our birth. However, most human minds feel lost and troubled by this immensity and our belief systems serve us to rest our bodies from time to time. Those mental patterns help us breathe in the middle of our ocean journey because they bring us clarity and sense of control. They are like islands where we can pause for as long as our heart wishes. Some islands are more crowded than others and some look like large continents.

Nevertheless, the more our heart keeps seeking the Truth, the more our belief systems stop matching our reality. It is all natural, but feeling alone in the middle of an emotional tsunami is what some of us humans are experiencing in the form of emotional stress, depression, anxiety or other types of dis-eases. We are not broken. We are not flawed. We are just experiencing our own spiritual awakening.

And feeling overwhelmed just means we are ready to let go of old beliefs and continue our journey as Truth seekers. We can look for another island or we can live in true bliss by admiring and respecting every human no matter the land or the island they choose to feel safe with.

Religions, in my loving opinion, are like artistic sculptures of the Universe. I admire and respect every Peace and Love based religion when it helps humans love themselves and others in peaceful bliss.

Creative moms make dreams come true

I have a plan. It’s scheduled in several steps. I have a vision. I have a mission. I have a meaning and a purpose. I am so in love with life and its insaciable imagination. Every vision that I love and choose to embrace becomes a pleasure for my dreamed Universe. You will find out more about my new vision soon, but today I want to remind you how to follow your own passions.

Our passions come to us in the form of vivid dreams at any time of our days. When we are used to be ourselves, these dreams come very often. And every vivid dream can seem for us an enormous challenge. However any challenge becomes a path when we decide to follow it one step at a time, every healthy working day—at least, but not necessarily more.

It’s not an effort when our heart is passionate about it. In fact, not working on our passions becomes more of an effort for most of us. But remember, one step at a time is fine. It’s much better not to rush. Taking our time and respecting our own biorhythms is a necessity for humans, specially for us, moms—since the whole family stability depends on our own mood and well-being.

Learning to respect the whole family balance is always key to keep everyone’s mood balanced on board. So don’t forget ever to love yourself or everyone will be affected.

We are empaths, always full of feelings, always full of hormones that we are learning to hear, listen to and respect. We are moms, we have a purpose. Every one of our days is meaningful. So everything we do is worth it.

If you are a mom, you are blessed. Trust and flow with the uniqueness of your own heart. You are unique. Please, love yourself to the bones, to the flesh. You are so beautiful. Love yourself.

If you are a dad or a child, love yourself and love your mom. If you are angry with her, forgive her and love her more.

I love you all!


Rebirthing with the Sun

Since the sun is finally shining bright here in Lübeck, I am rebirthing with its comforting warmth and supreme light. My soul has been struggling with lots of deep emotions in the past months, but I’m restoring my natural self now.

I was supposed to start a new business in February, but I could not find any time or strength to make that possible. Long story short: viruses, lice, a little bit of depression and some drops of anxiety on top of my mom’s responsibilities combined with the lack of Sun while also looking for a regular job in another country were causing me trouble and I was feeling completely overwhelmed. I discovered TikTok in the meanwhile and had some fun making quite a bit of crazy short videos instead. Did you enjoy them? Would you like me to continue making them? Which one was your favourite? Please, write a comment below to let me know your preferences.

I’m not starting any business for the moment. I don’t know if I’ll ever launch any business at all, but that’s ok. I love writing blogs so I’m going to start by doing what motivates me and share my creations with you in the form of Blogs, or Vlogs, or TikToks and see where all this leads me.

I had to stop writing my Blogs in because Facebook was not allowing any link from that open source network, as a consequence of its free-speech policy. Apparently many ex-Facebook users—who were angry because they had been blocked—joined and started to freely speak against Mark Zuckerberg’s work and persona. I still love and every single blog I wrote there but Facebook is where I have more friends and I want to write Blogs I can share with everyone.

This is the first Blog in this new site and I will now try to record a little crazy video for you that I will post in my stories—Instagram and Facebook. Let’s see where this new restart brings me. Thank you all for being here and remember I love you all!