The key to our emotional and spiritual awakening

I spent 4 days with a shaman in Alforja, Catalunya, Spain, Europe, The Earth, and those 4 days turned into the open door to my emotional awakening.

Did you know emotions are healthy while feelings aren’t? Did you know there are only 3 basic emotions that are supposed to ring an alarm in our present whenever we need to take action in order to protect our natural healthy state? Did you know when emotions are swallowed without being released through our healthy actions they stay with us and can accumulate in our aura until they reach our mind/body in the form of dis-eases? Did you know there are infinite peaceful ways to release those toxic feelings that keep us stuck to the past and affect our present in the form of depression, emotional stress, cancer or other mental/physical disorders?

I was learning and experiencing all this and much more with my now beloved friend Jordi López “el Chamán” in Alforja. And this was only the first round, “El Sud”—the South—, of a 4-retreat healing cycle. I will be attending an illumination specialization course and the 3 retreats left of the cycle, “El Oeste”, “El Norte” and “El Este”—the West, the North and the East—one after the other in order to learn the most powerful healing tools I’ve ever been in touch with—my shamama heart is calling for them.

I totally recommend his courses and from now on he is not only offering them in Spanish. He is also offering them in English, French and Italian because I just turned into his official translator. I will be with any of you who decide to enroll with him. I will be translating everything he says while you awaken your own healing powers. No drugs, no substances, just nature, knowledge, experience and universal wisdom.

Feel free to contact any of us if you are interested in attending this once in a lifetime awakening experience. We will be offering these courses to small groups of 4-6 people per retreat. I can’t wait to meet you all in person because I already know every retreat will open huge doors of infinite Peace, Love and Joy in our expanding collective consciousness. Thanks for being here and remember I love you all!


Rebirthing with the Sun

Since the sun is finally shining bright here in Lübeck, I am rebirthing with its comforting warmth and supreme light. My soul has been struggling with lots of deep emotions in the past months, but I’m restoring my natural self now.

I was supposed to start a new business in February, but I could not find any time or strength to make that possible. Long story short: viruses, lice, a little bit of depression and some drops of anxiety on top of my mom’s responsibilities combined with the lack of Sun while also looking for a regular job in another country were causing me trouble and I was feeling completely overwhelmed. I discovered TikTok in the meanwhile and had some fun making quite a bit of crazy short videos instead. Did you enjoy them? Would you like me to continue making them? Which one was your favourite? Please, write a comment below to let me know your preferences.

I’m not starting any business for the moment. I don’t know if I’ll ever launch any business at all, but that’s ok. I love writing blogs so I’m going to start by doing what motivates me and share my creations with you in the form of Blogs, or Vlogs, or TikToks and see where all this leads me.

I had to stop writing my Blogs in because Facebook was not allowing any link from that open source network, as a consequence of its free-speech policy. Apparently many ex-Facebook users—who were angry because they had been blocked—joined and started to freely speak against Mark Zuckerberg’s work and persona. I still love and every single blog I wrote there but Facebook is where I have more friends and I want to write Blogs I can share with everyone.

This is the first Blog in this new site and I will now try to record a little crazy video for you that I will post in my stories—Instagram and Facebook. Let’s see where this new restart brings me. Thank you all for being here and remember I love you all!